Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christians, we must continue to petition our LORD for Aleppo and Syria!

My Bible reading, vocation and hobby provide me with an interesting view of the world. By day I am a Threat Exploit Researcher. This involves investigating known vulnerabilities, malware and attacks against networks. My findings are documented and the methods that are used to perform and detect the malicious activity are highlighted. Using this information, we are able to write detection rules that can be used to alert or block the malicious activity. In my free time, I consider myself a Cybercrime Researcher. This involves me collecting information from multiple social media platforms, IRC channels and darknets. I am able to learn the tools, techniques and procedures used by malicious actors. Sometimes, I find information that looks to have been stolen by hackers. Other times, I have come across discussions about live network attacks in progress.     
One of big issues that show up nightly on my radar has been the Aleppo crisis. This crisis has been reported on multiple social media platforms and has been in our news daily. For months I have come across pictures and video of the fighting, bombed out buildings, injured and dead people and people who are struggling to survive. Men, women and children are all suffering in Aleppo and all over Syria. People have died in their beds because the building there were in had collapsed on them due to the bombs dropped from planes. I have seen fighters going to war without essential equipment like shoes. The delayed and sanitized images feed to us by our news media does not do justice to the extreme situation these people face everyday.    
On December 12th, a cease-fire agreement was signed that would allows the civilians and rebel fighters to leave the city of Aleppo. Usually, cease-fires are very temporary and quickly broken. Almost immediately, I was reading reports of groups already violating the agreement. We must continue to petition our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ for the people of Aleppo and of Syria. This is just one of the many places around the world that are always in a constant state of war. There is so much to petition our LORD for and all this is very overwhelming. It is very easy to turn a blind eye to it all but we cannot do this. Pray and be obedient to what the LORD tells you to do.     

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