Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Not a Victim

I recently visited Belfast in the Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom. This was my second trip to the area and it is a beautiful part of the world. The area is rich in history, has many beautiful people and places along with one pub for every 25 people. Just as I had previously, I stayed in the city center which is just a stones throw from city hall and within walking distance to my employer’s security research and headquarters.
Some of my coworkers and I were walking to a pub that would be hosting the after hours party thrown by my employer. Along the way we passed a gentleman sitting on the ground and asking for money. I happened to be walking with my Cold Steel Walkabout Walking Stick. Seeing this, the gentleman asked me if I had hurt my leg. I said no, my leg is ok. We continued in friendly conversation and I explained that I carried no cash and asked him if there is anything I could get for him. He said he wanted some hot tea.
Since this is the UK, tea is as plentiful as beer and water so this was an easy request to fulfill, no problem. I went to the nearest convenience store, get hot water, sugar and 5 different flavors of tea because I failed to ask what flavor he wanted. I bring back the tea and we continue with more friendly conversation.
Him: Are you Christians?
Me: Yes.
Him: Where are you from?
Me: The United States.

As the conversation continues it becomes disturbing to me. He starts discussing the victimization of black people by the hands of the police in America. I sat there, listened, smiled and nodded my head as I took it all in. I was not willing to debate the topic with this gentleman on the streets of Belfast. He was kind, I believe that he was truly concerned but I believe that he was also largely misinformed.
Even more recently, I am told that the United Nation says that African Americans are owed reparations for slavery. The UN called it the legacy “racial terrorism”. I am an American of African descent with an Irish name. Does this mean I get double because history says the Irish were also enslaved? Should I start going after the English for this portion of the payment? What about my native american heritage? Do I get some form of payment for this also?
I agree that those who were enslaved are due payment. This would be just and right but it cannot happen now. GOD almighty placed me in this space at this time. I enjoy the benefits of being in this country because many of my ancestors suffered, sacrificed and probably died struggling to overcome the persecution. I am not due their payment and I cannot blame my current problems on what someone else’s ancestors did to my ancestors. This imperfect but still great country that GOD has placed me in only owes me what has been defined by the Constitution of the United States.
I understand that as a country we have a horrible past as far as the relation between persons of African heritage and persons of European heritage are concerned. I also understand that the current situation is not perfect. It is far from perfect! Maybe I am looking too much into this? Maybe I have some pride issues that I need to deal with? I really do not like people believing that I am a victim just because of the color of my skin. I am made in the image and likeness of GOD, I am an over comer and not a victim.

I am designed to overcome and to fight life through.If you see me, no matter the situation, whether I am wealthy or poor, on top of the world or in the gutter. Please do not think of me as a victim. I may even be victimized, but my victimization does not make me a victim.  

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